Bakery Cafe

We keep traditions
of baking...

Respect the bread
you eat...

All sorrows are less
with bread...

Our Platters

Roll Platter $48.00

Freshly baked breads filled with
a variety of fresh ingredients
(5 rolls and cut in half)
Vegetarian or Vegan is also available

Sandwich Platter $48.00

A combination of white, wholemeal
and multigrain sandwiches cut into
bite-size triangle pieces
(6 sandwiches and cut into quarter)
Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten free is also available

Hot Food Platter $38.00

Home made party pies, mini quiches
and mini sausage rolls
(16 pieces per platter)
Vegetarian quiches is available

Fruit Platter $35.00

A selection of fresh juicy seasonal fruits
(approximately for 6 people)

Sweet Platter $35.00

A selection of delicious sweet
made fresh everyday including
pastries, slices, donuts and more
(approximately for 6 people)